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Buy tickets online in advance

Why buy online? Here are some great reasons to buy your tickets in advance!

  1. Savings: By an early bird ticket (at least two weeks before the night of the show) and you'll pay only $6 for your ticket! That's 40% off our normal $10 ticket price.

  2. Simplicity: Buying online is the easiest way to secure a spot at the show. Skip the hassle of paying at the door and print your ticket at home or check-in using only your name!

  3. Security: Our online ticketing service provider, TicketLeap has advanced security measures to keep your personal information safe. For more info, see their Privacy and Security Policies.

Buy tickets at the show

While you will need a credit card to buy your tickets online, we still have a number of great options for purchasing your tickets on-site! We always accept cash and credit card payments at the door. Tickets purchased at the door are the exact same price and value as online tickets.


If you'd like to increase your odds of winning a prize from one of our epic sponsors, buy some of our Raffle Tickets (sold before the show and during intermission). We've got tons of awesome prizes to give away at each of our events!

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Geeksploitation is a production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our aim is to create and distribute quality geek-oriented entertainment to the masses. Our first endeavour has been Geeks versus Nerds, now two comedy-style debate shows performed and recorded live in Halifax and Vancouver.

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