Season 3 Kickstarter Campaign

Click Here to visit our official Season 3 Kickstater page and help Vancouver's #1 geeky comedy/debate show level up to epic proportions! New debates! New videos! For great justice!!

West Coast Geeks versus Nerds has taken up the mantle of celebrating our local geek, gamer, and comic book nerd subcultures in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Each month, we pit fan-favourite pop culture icons against each other in a battle royale of wit, hilarity, and memorable one-liners. These sensational live performances are then recorded and released as audio podcasts for all the world to hear.

Previous topics include: Batman vs Boba Fett, Gandalf vs Yoda, and Hermione vs Willow. For a full list of our previous debates, click here!

Established in the summer of 2012, West Coast Geeks versus Nerds has grown a cult following of dedicated fans throughout our two Seasons of unique comedy debates. Our debaters range from professional comedians, to the opinionated geeks at your local gaming store. Everyone has opinions on age old topics like Zombies vs Unicorns, or Terminators vs Cylons, and our show gives all these Geeks and Nerds a chance to argue on behalf of their candidate. And now as we enter into our 3rd season, we want to expand our show to make it bigger and better than ever before!

We want to increase our budget for our live show which will allow more Geeks and more Nerds to discover us, and be able to come to enjoy these debates. Part of that is having the ability to record the debates lives, and release them as videos on youtube. While there truly is nothing like being part of our audience (who get to choose the finale outcome of these epic arguments) these videos will allow anyone in the world to watch our debates, and give their opinions on the subjects online.

For $3000 we'll be able to increase the budget of our live shows in terms of equipment and publicity. This will also help to better the quality of the audio podcasts and videos of these live debate. In general, it will help spread the word about our debates to more Geeks and Nerds not just in Vancouver, but worldwide.

Some stretch goals we have in mind include if we make it to $3500, we'll do a special Christmas show this year featuring Elsa (from Frozen) vs The Ice King (from Adventure Time) for Who is the Most Emotionally Unstable Ice Wielder, and Superman vs Santa Claus for Who Has Done More Good for Humanity?

And if we make past that stretch goal, we'll be able to make new ones that will allow us to afford a bigger venue for our Vancouver live show, and allow us to travel and take our show on the road to cons and festivals. So Click Here to help us achieve this goal and make Vancouver a geekier place!

Risks & Challenges

At West Coast Geeks versus Nerds, we have two goals in mind: deliver a quality show and help foster a community of like-minded Geeks and Nerds. This Kickstarter will help both of those goals.

Not only will your funds aid in the quality of our live show in terms of our equipment, venue, and publicity, it will bring the quality of our online content (our audio podcast and future videos) to a new level of professionalism. And I truly believe that by getting more and more people aware of our show, and talking about our debates, it bring all of us Geeks and Nerds together though the ancient art of arguing about pop culture characters.

Not being able to make this goal would mean a less quality production, and less geeks and nerds to weight in their opinions on these epic debates. But with your help, we'll be able to continue to define pop culture, one debate at a time.

About Geeksploitation

Geeksploitation is a production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our aim is to create and distribute quality geek-oriented entertainment to the masses. Our first endeavour has been Geeks versus Nerds, now two comedy-style debate shows performed and recorded live in Halifax and Vancouver.